Sunday, July 18, 2010

Another Lazy, Hazy Summer Day

So, I haven't posted in a long sometimes gets in the way........So today I actually am relaxing and have the time to post!

It's another beautiful day in CT.  Sun shining, birds chirping and nice breeze blowing.  I've been contemplating what "project" I will work on today since I finished the baby sweater that I was working on yesterday.  Lots have happened since my last post, one important thing being that I have started to volunteer at a women's exchange where all items are handcrafted.  My way of giving back to the handcrafting community.  Although I do have an ulterior motive in that I would like to try my hand at actually selling some of my items to see how the market would receive them.

So I am busily working on baby sweater items (since they work up faster) and have designed my own pattern.  Hardest part is to come up with a name for my business.  Hesitating on ordering the labels for my items until I'm satisfied that it represents me.

My husband and I have confirmed our vacation plans for this year, and it includes a trip to Toronto, Canada and attending three Red Sox games!  I LOVE THE RED SOX!  Although I did tell my husband this morning that I have scoped out the location of all the yarn shops in the near vicinity of our hotel. :)  There are 6 of them!  I will be doing my two favorite things on for yarn and watching the Red Sox!  Who could ask for anything better!

Well, I'll sign off for now, but I will post again after vacation with news and pictures!

Monday, October 26, 2009

In heaven for two days!

Just came back from attending the Stitches East convention in Hartford, CT....was so GLAD to have it within driving distance which could've turned out to be both good & bad! Good because a friend of mine & I were able to drive......Bad because we didn't have to worry about how we were going to get our "purchases" home!

We took two classes that were both informative & enjoyable! Now I just need to remember what I was taught and I'll be in business...we took a class on cast-ons which was very enlightening. It definitely helps to SEE how to do something and not just try to follow a diagram in a book. Our second class was on the "joy of finishing" since we all know how much we LOVE to do all the finishing work involved so the finished piece actually ends up looking like something you would wear!

We met some very nice fellow knitters and it was a pleasure to be somewhere where everyone was knitting and no one was looking at you like you had three heads! KIP was definitely in full force! :) Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and accommodations were excellent.

Now on to the really fun part.....the market! I spent an ungodly amount of money and was on full fiber overload by the time we left there at the end of the second day. I purchased things I've always wanted but never wanted to spend the money. Somehow being at the convention gave me the OK to forge ahead! And forge I did! I bought the Addi Clicks that I can't wait to try and a swift & ball winder since lately my purchases are all unwound skeins---and, of course, YARN, YARN and more YARN!

There's something about a knitter and the fact that we collect a stash and store it away like a squirrel! :) I do plan on actually making the sweaters that I bought the yarn I can't wait until next year to do it all again!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Is Summer Here Yet?

Another dreary morning in Connecticut. It seems as though the weather gods don't like southern New England this year! It has been raining since April and there doesn't seem to be any letup anytime soon.....caught in a weather pattern is how they describe it.

So now July 4th is 2 days away and usually when I start getting sick of the heat, but not this doesn't even seem like it should BE the 4th of July....not even in the fireworks mood yet!

But what I have been in the mood to do is knit like I haven't done in a long time....with rainy dreary weather comes the urge to sit and knit and watch TV. There's something to be said for an "indoors" hobby! I chose easy summer sweaters and so was able to finish relatively quickly in fact that my husband (seeing me working on a sweater of a different color from the one the day before) said, "That's not the same sweater you were working on yesterday..." to which I gleefully replied, "nope--finished that one and it's on my blocking board; this is a different one!"

He looked at me in disbelief.....

So I will leave now to go finish the second sweater and pray for sunshine tomorrow!